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       Sell Your Message, Make Income from VOD, Subscriptions, Sponsorship

Tell Your Story

Make Income from Livestream and More

Everyone has a Story and a goal that cries for visibility. The PowerHouse offers solutions to bring individuals and companies from a less popular platform to a global Stage for a more popular shift marketing your genius. For all your creative edge, you deserve recognition, Support of your Dreams and a lift into the Wall of fame.

Video Streaming has become one of the top ways to communicate with and Entertain customers. While building clientele the need for video streaming grows exponentially. 

The PowerHouse presents your 5minute pitch showcasing your skill, art, business, creative or simply telltale for distribution to Amazon, Android, YouTube, Hulu, AppleTV, SmartTv and various other streaming sites on the global market place.

Spread Your Message, Interact, engage, build a community and get to know people with an audience in wait. You earn income from Video on Demand, subscriptions and sponsorship opportunities. The PowerHouse provides analytics about your viewers and monthly income stats giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your viewership metric.

Register with the PowerHouse for a $10 fee and one of our representatives will get you prepped for your livestream opportunity.

Celebrate Any Occasion With Julia

Make your event extra special with help from Julia L. Gham of The Powerhouse Ent Inc in Chicago, Illinois. She hosts any type of event, such as date nights, couples’ nights, vocation events, and foodie gatherings.

Hire Julia as Your Caterer and Planner

Depending on your needs, Julia can provide food and entertainment for your guests. She is a Better Business Bureau-Certified caterer, events planner and restaurateur who has received an award for receiving no complaints. Her services especially at The PowerHouse Restaurant are 5star rated.

Start planning your event today. Julia does not charge upfront fees. Communicate with Julia and set pace for Excellence.

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